Websites, Water, & The Wasp


First, let’s talk about the wasp because it just happened today and I’m still feeling a bit creeped-out by it. However, I want you to know, I believe ALL of God’s creation is amazing and beautifully made. But, as my husband can attest to, those good thoughts are meaningless, the moment an insect of any kind invades my personal space.

It began as I was pulling out of a parking lot and headed for home. That’s when I noticed a solitary wasp landing on my passenger side mirror. No worries, I thought, he’ll be gone once I’m on the road. But instead of being sucked into oblivion, as soon as I gained speed, the pesky wasp remained stuck to my mirror. I watched, as he seemed to spread his legs and lower his antennae, presumably to better “ride like the wind” on my car.

While I was fighting my inner musician, who insisted on playing “Born to be Wild” in my head, the striped bandit seemed indifferent to each of my driving maneuvers: stop, start, turn, fast, slow. Argh! He simply wouldn’t fly away! Which is when I realized, since I was almost home, that I couldn’t possibly pull into my garage with the wasp still attached to my car. Because at that point, my inner literary geek took over and began dramatizing lines that sounded like Edgar Allan Poe—being sealed inside a tomb, with a fiendish, stinging insect, etc.

The way I saw it, I had two choices. Either I could drive around aimlessly, for however long it took the wasp to fly away, or I could go get the car washed and make certain he was gone. Clearly, the car wash made the most sense and would be the best use of my time. You’ll be pleased to know, although the stowaway held tight all the way, he made a grand departure as soon as the water mist, billowing from the entrance to the car wash, filled the air. No wasps were harmed in the making of this little tale.

Water is Number One 

If you’ve been reading anything about disaster preparedness, you’ve heard of The Rule of Threes. Simply put, you can live only three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food. Since I’m not recommending you stockpile oxygen—we’ll be referring to water as the Number One item on your list of must-haves.

Remember, I set out on this preparedness quest, to help us understand how our homes can be both beautiful AND safe. Along the way, I’ve discovered some great books on the topic of water. My favorite is The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide—Harvest, Treat, And Store Your Most Vital Resource, by Daisy Luther. I cannot emphasize enough, what an eye-opener this book has been. For instance, did you know that many times, more people die from contaminated water, in the aftermath of a disaster, than actually die from the disaster itself?

Ride/Read Along With Me

Kind of like the wasp—okay, maybe not the best analogy. Still, while most of you would love to be reading more books, I know you’re already committed, or possibly over-committed, to plenty of important things in life. Well, preparedness is one of my commitments and I’m happy to share what I’m learning with you.

So, for the next few posts, I’ll be giving you my notes from The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide. In those notes, I’ll break down the information into smaller pieces. That way, you won’t have to absorb it all at once. Hopefully, you’ll begin to understand how important the topic of water is, for you and your loved ones. My hope is that you’ll take the necessary steps to prepare. First, prepare–then, relax.

Finally, you’ll notice I’ve been adding water preparedness products to my Amazon Shop—aka Prepperista Shop. Please take a moment to look at what I’ve personally selected. I’d love to hear your recommendations on this topic, via the comments section.

 Which Brings Us To – Websites

So what do websites, water, and wasps have in common you ask? Well, my story goes something like: I was happily blogging along, minding my own business, when something weird landed on my website and now I need to get it washed off—sort of like that, but different.

Anyway, I’m learning that websites, like life, are really about knowing when to drive around aimlessly, or when to go get the car washed.

All My Best,

Deb King






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