The Seasonal Entry Solution – Prepping For Spring

Seasonal Entry Chest and Arched Mirror
As seen on The House of Turquoise. Photo Credit: Dan Piassick; Design Credit: Shay Geyer of IBB Design.

Now that spring is near and because Easter is my absolute favorite holiday, I thought it was the perfect time for an “all about design” post. And yes, the purpose of this blog is discovering how we can create and live in spaces which are both beautiful and safe. In other words, interior design and preparedness are similar in oh-so many ways. But today, I’m in the mood to talk about decorating—just for the fun of it!

You see, as with most of my favorite design tips, the Seasonal Entry Solution came about after noticing several of my clients experiencing a common dilemma. They each loved decorating their homes seasonally, but they simply didn’t have time to go searching through basement boxes, several times a year. And for many of us, watching the seasons change is merely a hectic trip to Hobby Lobby {what would we do without them?}

When you think about it, the Entry to your home is the first scene your guests encounter, so it makes sense to give it design priority. The initial impression of how you live, may create in others an opinion about who you are. Unfortunately, accomplishing a fabulous Entry can be overwhelming and time consuming. That’s why my Seasonal Entry Solution is based on the Point of Use process we discussed in Post #2Additionally, I believe that today’s seasonal décor is best accomplished through the use of focal points and simple additions to what is already there.

Seasonal Entry How-to

First, for those of you with an actual entry, or foyer, I recommend you begin by adding a decorative piece of furniture with drawers, or doors. If you have a small space, a tall end table may suffice. In a larger one, an appropriately sized buffet, or chest, is perfect. Also, look for furniture with feet, so you won’t block air vents. I realize some of you don’t have much of an entry. Perhaps you can identify a wall, or corner and designate it as a focal point. In that case, try hanging a unique shelf, or box on the wall and add a storage piece in a nearby room. Below are a few examples from the Prepperista Shop, to get you started.

Blue & Cream DemiluneGray Nailhead Chest

Distressed Green Chest

Next, for the surface of your furniture piece, shop for three specific items. I call these the Seasonal Entry Trifecta: a container, a lamp {or candle inside glass} and a piece of wall art, or mirror. More knick-knacks will be needed, but these 3 items are the basics and will stay in place year-round. Also, select a non-seasonal item to hang on the outside of your front door. Use a wreath, sign, basket, or handmade item that speaks to your style and looks great with your house. This will be the base piece for your door. Find more ideas, in the Prepperista Shop.

Ceramic Gourd LampBraided Gold Round MirrorBrass & Glass Display Box

Let the Season-izing Begin

Finally, let’s decorate for spring! Turn on the lamp {or light the candle} add faux Easter eggs to the container, hang a small boxwood wreath over the front of the wall décor and tie a bough of greens to whatever is hanging on your front door. Once these are in place, consider adding a pot of fresh hyacinths, or tulips, to the tablescape. Try leaning smaller family photos, or framed scriptures and prints, at the back. Continue adding knick-knacks, until it feels right to you.

Yay, you’ve done it! But what about the other seasons of the year and those empty drawers and shelves in the furniture piece, you ask? Easy. When Easter is over and spring is moving into summer, place the eggs in a baggie and stash them inside one of the drawers. Store any of the seasonally themed knick-knacks underneath as well. This way, they’ll be waiting for you next year and you can move on to a new season. Does summer make you think of daisies, or the beach? It’s all up to you. Seashells would be my choice.

Hopefully, you get the idea and the Seasonal Entry Solution has become clear: while keeping your year-round base pieces the same, simply change out the add-ons for each season.  And, with every change, store the previous season’s decor in the space below. You’ll have a year’s worth of seasonal display, all in one piece of furniture! Just think, by December, you can switch your entry decor from Thanksgiving to Christmas, in about ten minutes! And there you have it, yet another brilliant solution, using the Point of Use process.

All My Best,

Deb King


Door Umbrella with Tulips
As seen on Country Living online. Credit: Random Thoughts. 

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